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Jeanne Betancourt


I grew up in Vermont. For much of my childhood I lived across the road from a dairy farm. I spent hours upon hours playing in the fields, “helping” in the barns, and hanging out in a big farm kitchen with our Swedish neighbors. During those years I never thought of being an author. Of course like every other student in the world I had to be a writer in school. But I never imagined writing as a career. I wasn’t planning on being a farmer either. I loved my tap dancing classes and wanted to be a Rockette tap dancing in Radio City Music Hall.

Young JeanneJeanne Tap Dance


Fast-forward through many years that included a move to New York City and years of teaching and you’ll find me writing my first novel. I was surprised to discover that I liked making up stories and writing them down. I liked it so much that I became a full time writer. Besides novels for children and young adults, I’ve told stories through scripts for television and the movies.

City Life

Here are a few details about my personal life. I live on the top floor of a sixteen-story building near the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. My Upper Westside neighborhood is between Central Park and the Hudson River. From my apartment I have a view of Manhattan that includes the Empire State Building. My view used to include the Twin Towers. I have a grown daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters who live in New York City.

NYC Apartment View

Country Life

In the summers I live and work in a small red house on the North Shore of Long Island. My daughter and her family like to visit. We ride bikes, go for long walks on the beach, and swim in the ocean. Sometimes I set up my easel and paint the view of rocks, sea, and sky.

Jeanne Painting


Over the years I had two wonderful dogs and several cats, but not all at once. My last pet was Willy – a Wheaton Terrier – who lived to be sixteen years old, which is pretty old in dog years. I based Pam Crandal’s dog in Pony Pals, on Willie.


Favorite Things

Besides writing I spend my time drawing, painting, reading, and gardening. I love to swim, bike, and tap dance. My favorite color would be many shades of blue. It is the color of the sky and sea. It is also the color of blood when it is in our veins. For me, blue is the color of life.

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Ava Tree And The Wishes Three “Betancourt (the Pony Pals series) balances the fanciful and the real throughout—the thrill of Ava's wishes coming true versus her pangs of longing for her parents…kids will embrace this bighearted novel and its thoughtful, resilient narrator.”

Publishers Weekly

My Name Is Brain Brian “…a skillfully structured, entertaining story; Brian himself, struggling to redefine himself in terms of his newly discovered potential, is drawn with real insight.”

Kirkus Reviews

PONY PALS Jeanne Betancourt has created a fantastic book series for young horse lovers with PONY PALS. The three girls (Pam, Lulu, and Anna) are fun characters, who will teach young horse lovers, and/or owners, how to care for ponies, treat them kindly, and just have tons of fun with both their ponies and friends. This is a must-have series for anyone who knows a horse-loving child between the ages of 5-12 years old.

Erika Sorocco, Amazon

Ten True Animal Rescue Stories Flames everywhere! A dog trying to get his family out of his burning house. Will he get there in time? Yes I would recommend this book to people who love animals. Now these animals are very brave! All different kinds of animals save peoples lives in this true book. Can you imagine a hamster saving your life? I really like this book. Calling all animal lovers, come read Ten True Animals!

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