Jeanne Betancourt

Complete Bookshelf

Here is a list of books that I've written for young readers, ‘tweens, and young adults. You may find copies of some of these books in your local library. If your library doesn't have the book you want, the librarian should be able to order it for you through inter-library loan. Most of the books listed below can be found that way.

You can learn more about these books and find readers' reviews on and/or Barnes and Noble. Out-of-print books are available through these websites. Other good websites to check for used and out-of-print books include and

Early Readers

  • PONY MYSTERIES series, Scholastic Inc. (Level 3)
  • Ten True Animal Rescue Stories

Series Books

  • Ages 7 and Up
    • PONY PALS (44 titles)
  • 10 and Up
    • THREE GIRLS IN THE CITY (4 titles)
      • Self-Portrait
      • Exposed
      • Black and White
      • Close-Up
    • CHEER USA (4 titles)
      • Go, Girl, Go!
      • Fight, Bulldogs Fight!
      • Ready, Shoot, Score!
      • We've Got Spirit!

More 7 and Up

  • Ava Tree and the Wishes Three
  • My Name is Brain Brian
  • Kate’s Turn
  • Aviva Granger
    • Aviva Granger is a “join custody” kid, living every other week with each of her parents. Through the years covered in the Rainbow Kid books (grades 6-8 for Aviva), Aviva’s parents become involved with other people and her “families” grow. During the same period, Aviva’s classmate and sometimes-enemy / sometimes-friend, Josh Greene, ends up in an orphanage. These five books are about the friendship between Aviva and Josh, their unconventional home lives, and the turmoil and joys of their pre-teens.
  • The Rainbow Kid
  • Puppy Love
  • Turtle Time
  • Crazy Christmas
  • Valentine Blues - IRA/CBC Children's Choice Award

Young Adult

  • More than Meets the Eye - IRA/CBC Children's Choice Award
  • Not Just Party Girls - IRA/CBC Children's Choice Award
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Sweet Sixteen and Never - IRA/CBC Children's Choice Award & Books for Young Adults Award
  • Between Us - Books for Young Adults Award
  • The Edge


  • 7 and Up
    • Smile! How to Cope with Braces - Outstanding Science Trade Paperback(NYSTA/CBC)
  • Adult
    • Women in Focus


For several years I wrote original scripts for ABC After School Specials. I writing scripts. It was so interesting – and fun - to watch actors become the characters I had made up. Here are some of the titles:

  • TATTLE: WHEN TO TELL ON A FRIEND. ABC After School Special - Emmy Nomination: Script. Bronze Apple Award. Cine Gold Eagle.
  • SUPERMOM'S DAUGHTER. ABC After School Special - Emmy Nomination. AWRT Commendation. Mentor Award. NAWW Award.
  • TEEN FATHER. ABC After School Special - Emmy Nomination. Humanitas Finalist. National Psychological Association Award for Excellence in the Media. Nancy Susan Reynolds Award.
  • DON'T TOUCH. ABC After School Special - Emmy Nomination. Humanitas Finalist. Humanitarian Award.
  • I WANT TO GO HOME. ABC After School Special - Emmy Nomination. WGA Nomination: Outstanding Children's TV Script.

I also wrote three original scripts for The Baby-sitters Club stories which were aired HBO and distributed as videotapes. Here's a list of those titles:

  • Jessie and the Mystery of the Stolen Secrets
  • Claudia and the Mystery of the Secret Passage
  • Stacy Takes a Stand - Cable Ace Award Finalist

Other scripts I have written:

  • ROSIE. Feature based on a novel by Anne Lamott. Feature Act III.
  • CAROLYN AND MAGGIE. Feature written with Lee Minoff, based on a novel by Norma Klein. Andrew Bonime Associates. Columbia.
  • A PLACE CALLED HOME. Movie of the Week, CBS
  • THE PASSION OF MARY FRANCES. Movie of the Week, Lorimar (CBS)