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Posted on February 01 2015

We have a new member in our family.  Arthur Krasnyy is a Siberian kitten. He is named Arthur partly because some people use "Art" as a nickname for "Arthur." And as you can tell from my website I love art.  Siberia is in Russia.  So we gave him "krasnyy" which means "red" in Russian.  IMG_5873 2

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Posted on September 19 2014

Pony Pal readers from when the series first came out have been writing me.  Now they are adults.  Here is what one of them, Madison, wrote:

Dear Mrs. Betancourt,

My name is Madison Hood. I wanted to write you and let you know just how much the Pony Pal books have meant to me over the years. I grew up with Pony Pals... my mom got me my first one, #10 Don't Hurt My Pony! when I was about 9 or 10. A few years ago, I lost my collection and have been slowly replacing it ever since. I love rereading the stories of Pam, Anna, and Lulu and their wonderful ponies.

I am 25 now and have been blessed enough to work with horses as both a barn manager and a riding instructor. I own my own pony, a Haflinger named Fritz, who is very much like Acorn, my favorite Pony Pal pony. I am a certified riding instructor for persons with special needs and several of my students are dyslexic. I did not grow up with ponies, but have always loved them and always dreamed of being a Pony Pal. These books have had a profound impact on me in my life and I wanted to thank you for that. I was so sad when the last book was released... I wanted the Pony Pals to go on forever. But, looking back on it, I realize that they will go on forever. Not only because they are preserved in books, but also because they have a special place in my heart. The Pony Pals have helped me become the horseman I am today. Thank you so much for telling their stories.

Your Pony Pal in NC,

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Posted on June 02 2014

                                                                Photo copy 7
A Pony Pal Tea Party in my apartment is an annual auction item for Manhattan School For Children. Here are the six third graders who partied with me this year.  We had three kinds of crustess sandwiches cut in fours: cucumber, ham, and butter; peanut butter; ham and cream cheesse.  Of course there were cupcakes.  All washed down by apple juice.  What fun.


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Posted on April 29 2014

The Pony Pal who sent me this excellent drawing wrote:  "Each character reminds me of myself a little bit.  Lulu is my favorite...I also llike Snow White and the fact that Lulu rescued her.  At school the had "Dress Like Your Favorite Book Character" day and I dressed like Lulu." IMG_2763


Which Pony Pal are you most like? Do you have favorite pony in the series?

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Posted on November 30 2013

My oil painting is in an exhibit at Romany Kramoris Gallery on Main Street in Sag Harbor, New York.  18" by 14".  Rosesoilonlinen18x14

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Posted on September 10 2013

Herb salt, raspberry fool, and nofo green goddess dip.  Yum.   Manuela Soares demonstrated recipes, I gave out samples (and sold books). Books also available at our website and in several stores on the north and south shore on the east end of Long Island and Book Culture on upper westside of Manhattan.

FarmstandFreshCover 2

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Posted on July 24 2013

Photo copy 2
Corn, 8" by 5"

A six-year-old friend drew this picture for me.  He had just seen my Farm Stand Fresh cookbook and loves to draw and paint fruits and vegetables, too.  You can see my paintings for the Farm Stand Fresh cookbook at  You can also buy the cookbook there. My friend's name is Grey.  Can find his name in the drawing?

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Posted on July 24 2013


Photo 2
6 inch square, black ink

I drew this White-faced Monkey while I was on a river boat in Costa Rica.  There were many monkeys moving around in a stand of trees, including a baby on its mother's back.  This monkey stayed still for a few seconds and I was able to draw it.  

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Posted on July 04 2013

When Pony Pal, Lily, saw a copy of the Farm Stand Fresh cookbook that I illustrated, she recognized my name.  "That's the author of the Pony Pals," she exclaimed.  So her grandfather brought her to The South Street gallery to meet me.  She came in while I was taking down the show.  Those orange dots show some of the oil paintings that were sold.  I gave Lily an autographed copy of Ava Tree and the Wishes Three.  We had a fun visit and I learned that Lily is a serious figure skater who loves reading.  She is working at a library this summer. I was a little sad taking down the show, but meeting a Pony Pal definitely cheered me up.  


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Posted on July 01 2013

Today - July 1 -  is the last day of the Farm Stand Fresh art exhibition at The South Street Gallery in Greenport. Eleven oil paintings and two intaglio prints from my Vineyard Series are now in private collections.  It was fun to have an art show and see 41 of my Farm Stand Fresh paintings in one room. Visit to learn more about the Farm Stand Fresh cookbook, to order copies of the cookbook, and follow the Farm Stand Fresh food blog. 



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