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Posted on October 18 2005 | Categories: Three Girls in the City


People around the world hear a lot about New York City and are curious about what it would be like to live there. I thought it would be fun to make up stories about three girls from different backgrounds who meet in New York City and become friends. Besides, writers write about what they know and I knew New York City. To me the city is like a fourth character in the books. Some people think that city kids are stuck in apartments and don't have an "outside" life. Not true. At least for my daughter and other city kids I've known. There is SO MUCH to do in New York. We have a marvelous transportation system for getting around. You don't have to wait util you get your driver's license to get out and GO! Just like the THREE GIRLS IN THE CITY.

Readers often ask if the characters in my books are based on real people. Maya is definitely modeled after my own daugher - Nicole - in terms of her personality and character. Carolyn is based on Martha, my daughter's BFF during grammar school. Joy is based on one of my friends. There's also a little bit of me in all of the girls. I am very psychological and aware of people's feelings like Maya. Like Carolyn I love horses, am sensitive to sarcasm, and very open to new experiences. I also had a super strict father. Here's how I'm like Joy: in my early teens I lacked self-confidence - especially about my appearance and friendships.

I made the girls photographers because I think great friendships can result from shared interests. Also I know a lot about photography and filmmaking myself. I took photography classes in New York City and taught courses in film studies and filmmaking. I even earned a Masters Degreein in Cinema Studies. That was the most fun I ever had studying.

Like most women, I have a lot of female freinds. Carole, my best friend from seventh grade, is still one of my best friends today. We share the same memories of our teen years and still love to talk about them. Carole is shy, doesn't like to try new thinggs, and lives a quiet life in Vermont. I live in New YOrk, am always trying new things, and - frankly - am not shy. But even though Carole and I have different personalities and live in different cities we remain BFF. I always know Carole is there for me. My other FF's are womrn who share my interests. For instance, I like to paint so some of my friends are painters. I have writer friends, too. I absolutely love having friends of different ages. I have friends old enough to be my motehr and young enough to be my daughter.

Enjoy your friends and your shared interests. Like Maya, Carolyn, and Joy.