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Posted on June 10 2013



Five 2nd graders from Manhattan School For Children (P.S. 333) came to my apartment for a Pony Pal Tea Party.  The party was an item bought by a grandmother from the school's annual auction. Fun for these Pony Pals, fun for me.  I gave each girl a Pony Pal book she had not read and an autographed copy of Ava Tree and the Wishes Three.  

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Posted on June 03 2013

Pilar and Lotus selling bks

Lotus and Pilar sold Farm Stand Fresh cookbooks at the opening for the exhibition of my Farm Stand Fresh oil paintings at The South Street Gallery in Greenport, New York.  You can buy a copy of the book - or one of these cute aprons - at the Farm Stand Fresh Cookbook website.  You can also see all of the paintings that are in the show on the website.  

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